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Titan of Body

Titan of Body

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These demi-gods wander the Demon Realms seeking vengeance and salvation for the destruction of their world. They are symbols of life and resistance – the refusal to submit to the merciless whims of creation.

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Height: 200mm (280mm to tip of spear)
Base: 100mm round
Material: pure, unfilled resin

Model is unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+.
When assembling, only use cyanoacrylate glue (medium viscosity, for best results) as other glues may damage the material.

Product image painted by: Vince Venturella


Creation Story

About 2 years ago I sat down with Vince Venturella and had a conversation about giants. He had been longing for a giant humanoid that was different from those commonly offered in the industry. Rather than monstrous, primitive, and distorted creatures he was envisioning something elegant and refined – a giant that would be more akin to the Greek gods and titans of ancient mythology. Not only was the discussion incredibly inspiring, but it aligned very much with what I was hoping to move towards with the Creature Caster universe.

We at Creature Caster had always planned to create three major factions that would stand in opposition to our Demons. The first planned faction was the Drakyann – near immortal half dragon creatures. The second faction we were intending to introduce was the Angels, the natural antithesis of the demonic hordes (and perhaps an even bigger danger to the universe than the demons themselves). The third faction was to be human civilizations that had survived demonic incursions thanks to their own ingenuity, and/or the aid of demi-gods. After this discussion we decided that Creature Caster would accelerate the timeline for our demi-god creatures and align them with some of the concepts and vision that Vince had.

Since then the world went a bit topsy turvy, and we also took on the major project of Judgement: Eternal Champions. Progress on the giant project slowed, but Vince and I chatted on occasion and slowly chipped away at the idea. The name “Titan” for these beings made sense to us both. We discussed the essence of what these Titans would be – mighty but also limited by their own simple and specific connection to the elements of life. Each would have a domain that they would be masters of, but which would also master them. Our first release would be the Titan of Body who would be able to match any King or Queen in raw physical power, but who would be limited by his focus on only the physical realm. In contrast, our next planned Titan would be one of Mind who would struggle to even maintain a physical presence, composed as much of insubstantial thought as material substance. The limited scope of the Titans’ capabilities would be the foil to the tremendous strength they wield. Importantly all the titans would be graceful, and elegant – a contrast to the distorted anatomy and brutish strength of our demon factions, and in contrast to what many consider a “giant” to be.

The first concept sketches were drawn up over a year before our team completed the first sculpt! It was a long wait, but we couldn’t be happier with the result and we’re excited to finally reveal it to the world. The Titan of Body is an amazing model in its own right, but also an important part of the Creature Caster story. It stands in simple and stark contrast to the cruel and mad cacophony that are the demon Kings and Queens. We know he will defend many innocents against the forces of evil and we hope that he is the perfect option for anyone seeking a giant of a more noble bearing to lead their armies into battle.


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