Announcing Judgement Version 2.0!

Announcing Judgement Version 2.0!

As you all know the Big Announcement™ is coming… in fact, it will be here at 12pm PST on Feb 18th… that’s today for many of you!

There have been many changes in Judgement v2, and we want to thank you all for coming with us on this journey. We are extremely happy with the way the game is playing, and behind the scenes, we have resculpted 20 models from the original range. Many more are already in progress, along with a full set of terrain, and 3D tokens. We want this game to be as beautiful looking on the table as it is fun to play! Several character sculpts will be shown tomorrow, not as renders, but as fully painted 3v3 warbands for Ista, and Krognar. From here on out we will have new things to show every week.

As some of the keen observers from the closed beta already know, we have been considering Kickstarter as one of the options available for us to launch v2. The Big Announcement™ will confirm that we are currently preparing for a Kickstarter in April. We know that some of you will have concerns about this decision. We want to explain in a bit more detail our plans for those of you who have been working so hard alongside us to test and prepare Judgement for its new version!

While we are preparing the Kickstarter and delivering the new 3v3 box set around the world, we have a few ways for everyone to stay busy!

  • Next month we will be working with a game mat producer to provide us with a limited run of hex mats that can be ordered directly through the manufacturer in the USA, or by contacting Creature Caster to get them shipped to you. Many of you already have models, and with the rules freely available to all of you here, the only thing missing is the play mats. 
  • We will continue to maintain and update Vassal adding more v2 art and rules. Vassal will be the first place to fully play v2, and we hope that you will continue testing and perfecting the game with us!
  • There will be regular updates to check out, podcasts, streaming games with our prototypes, and a renewed focus on lore for everyone to read.

We are well prepared to jump on production ASAP.  As soon as the Kickstarter kicks off we will be placing orders for supplies and starting large-scale production before it even ends. We already have a network of warehouses throughout the world, so we will not be struggling with logistics chains. We will do everything in our power to get the Kickstarter fully delivered by November of 2021 and have every expectation that we can hit that goal. 

The upsides of Kickstarter will be significant for us. While it will take longer to ship our first model, the rate at which we will be able to re-release all the old models, along with some fresh new sculpts will be much faster. Creature Caster and Gunmeister Games are relatively small companies, and Kickstarter will allow for more resources to be put into production and development. We will have a full understanding of the production demands for the year, allowing us to better plan for the volume, and ensure full stock throughout the world for all the Judgement products. In addition, thanks to the marketing reach of Kickstarter we will have a bigger influx of new players!

Kickstarter will be great for new players and expanding the game rapidly, but we also want to offer one more thing to all of the long-time players here in Discord. Many of you have been playing Judgement for years and have been providing invaluable playtesting for the past few months. Discord will continue to be the platform for hosting open beta, however, we will not be publicly advertising the discord or the open beta. All of you here will get updates, tournaments and prizes, and access to the Vassal module that no one else will at this time. Furthermore, we will be testing and developing never-before-seen heroes over the months ahead, as well as bringing back crowd favorite Grael to Vassal. 

And with that, we announce to you plans for a new hero already in development. A potential key to the resurgence of the Minotaur race, and a futuristic protege to Xyvera. We present Yorgawth!

The new gods and their Eternal Champions are rising. Who will rule the Between and control the fate of Athien!

Gunmeister Games & Creature Caster

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